Preparing your church service

Preparing your church service

There are several forms of service

You will discuss the form of service with your priest

    The main options are:
  • Wedding Service with hymns and Scripture Readings
  • Nuptial Mass (Wedding Service within Mass)
  • Wedding Service without Mass, but with Holy Communion


Music can make such a difference

Ensure the hymns are those that people know. If you require an Organist, you will need his/her contact details so that you can discuss the music. Many couples provide a booklet to help their family and friends to follow the service, and to give the words of the hymns as this makes the service easy to follow and allows everyone to participate.


Do discuss with your priest practicalities such as:

for the ceremony

In the wedding ceremony, there are four things you will be required to state publicly that you are:

  • Are marrying freely, without any undue influence.
  • Have a reasonable understanding of what is involved in Christian Marriage.
  • Are entering into a lifelong commitment, with all its ups and downs.
  • Open to life (children) as this is of the essence of Marriage.
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